Climate and energy projects

The FrankfurtRheinMain region acts

Districts, cities, and municipalities play an important role in the practical implementation of binding climate protection goals. In addition, they can be important role models for private households and businesses. This compilation of projects has the goal of collecting measures in the FrankfurtRheinMain region that target climate protection, sustainable energy use, and adaptation to climate change. It conveys a first impression of the situation in the region and facilitates an exchange between municipalities, districts, and businesses. The compilation is continually updated.

What information can be viewed?

With the Climate and energy projects [only accessable in German], the Regional Authority makes local knowledge available for everyone by documenting the already existing know-how in a clear manner and providing contact persons that are able to give further information. The activities are assigned to the following ten categories.


Icon: category windWind

Wind turbines

Icon: category biomass


Biogas facilities, sewage gas facilities, wood heating plants (wood chips and pellet heating etc.), biofuels

Icon: category energy effiziencyEnergy efficiency

Energy saving, energy efficiency, and energy storage: combined heat and power, cogeneration units, heat networks, insulation, heat recovery, technical retrofitting etc.

Icon: category network


Working groups, federations, commitments, participation projects (local Agenda 21 groups, citizen solar facilities etc.)

Icon: category climate adaption

Climate adaptation

Planning, construction, and management adapted to climate change