Mobility sector: Individual transportation consumes half of the energy


With about 33% (≈23 TWh/a), the mobility sector had the largest share in final energy consumption in the region in 2015. The biggest energy consumer in the mobility sector itself was motorized private transportation. It accounted for about half of the total energy consumption in the sector (≈11.6 TWh/a). On second place followed freight transportation with about 27% (≈6.2 TWh/a). Public short distance transportation was the third largest energy consumer in the sector with around 13% (≈3.1 TWh/a). Personal air transportation through Frankfurt Airport caused roughly 10% of the energy consumption in the region (≈2.4 TWh/a).


[Motorisierter Individualverkehr = motorized private transportation; Öffentlicher Personennahverkehr = public short distance transportation; Öffentlicher Personenfernverkehr = public long distance transportation; Luftverkehr Personen = air transportation persons; Güterverkehr = freight transportation]