More than half of the consumed electricity in 2015 had to be imported; the majority of electricity consumption is based on fossil fuels

In 2015, about 58% of the electricity needed to cover electricity consumption in the Authority area had to be imported from outside the region. This corresponds to about 9.5 TWh/a. The largest remaining share of local electricity production in electricity consumption was covered by fossil power plants (about 34% or ≈5.5 TWh/a). Local electricity production from renewable energies had a share in electricity consumption of about 5% (≈0.8 TWh/a).


The share of imported electricity is calculated as the difference between local electricity consumption and local electricity production. Assuming the German electricity mix for the imported electricity (taking into account only fossil and renewable energies), the entire share of fossil electricity production in electricity consumption in the region was about 64%. The share of renewable energies was around 22%. The share of nuclear energy in the German electricity share has not been considered.


[Erneuerbare Energien = renewable energies; Abfallverbrennung = waste incineration; Fossile Kraftwerke = fossil power plants; Import-Strom = imported electricity]