Most municipalities import the majority of electricity

2_Energieerzeugung_Strom_Import KommunenThe illustration shows how import-dependent many member municipalities are in order to cover their electricity consumption. Only in a few cases do the municipalities have local production capacities that cover the majority of overall electricity consumption. This includes the municipalities Frankfurt, Rüsselsheim, Offenbach, and Großkrotzenburg, in which fossil power plants are situated; as well as the municipalities Schöneck, Karben, Friedberg, Weilrod, Nidderau, and Florstadt, in which wind energy covers parts of their own electricity consumption. The municipality Flörsheim am Main is able to cover its own electricity consumption with the bio-mass power plant and the landfill and bio-gas plant Wicker.


[Anteile lokaler Stromerzeugung am Stromverbrauch = local electricity generation as share of electricity consumption; Erneuerbare Energien = renewable energies; Abfallverbrennung = waste incineration; Fossile Heizkraftwerke = fossil thermal power plant; Import-Strom = imported electricity]