Renewable energies: Electricity production (2001 to 2015)

As has been the case with installed capacity, electricity production from renewable energies also increased between 2001 and 2015. In comparison to 2010, electricity production from renewable sources increased by around 586 GWh/a (or about 43%) to 840 GWh in 2015. Especially photovoltaic electricity production increased significantly over this time span – by about 125% (from 108 GWh to 243 GWh). Electricity production from wind roughly doubled over the same period (from 42 GWh to 85 GWh).


However, as depicted above, most electricity is finally generated with biomass. 40% of the total local renewable electricity production in 2015 was based on this energy source. In the same year, electricity production from photovoltaic plants was about 29%.

One should bear in mind that electricity production with renewable energies is subject to weather-related fluctuations. These can influence annual comparisons.


[Photovoltaik = photovoltaic; Windkraft = windpower; Wasserkraft = hydro power; Klär- und Deponiegas = sewage- and landfilll gas; Biomasse, Biogas = biomass, biogas]