Heat consumption is almost completely covered by non-renewable energy sources

Heat consumption in the region was about 33 TWh in 2015. For the local production of heat (without heat generated from electricity), non-renewable technologies clearly dominated – their share lay around 98% (≈32.2 TWh/a). Out of those, about 78% of the consumption was supplied by fossil fuels as domestic fuel in buildings (≈25,5 TWh/a), about 17% by combined heat and power plants as well as combustion plants (≈5.4 TWh/a), and roughly 4% from waste incineration (≈1.2 TWh/a).


Only about 2% (≈0.7 TWh/a) of the heat consumed, was generated with renewable energies.


[Erneuerbare Energien = renewable energies; Abfallverbrennung = waste incineration; Fossile Heizkraftwerke und Feuerungsanlagen = fossil thermal power plants and furnaces; Fossiler Hausbrand = fossil domestic fuel]