Heat production from renewable energies (2001 to 2015)

Similar to electricity production from renewable energies, heat production from renewable energies continuously increased over the period from 2001 to 2015. Over the last five years (from 2010 to 2015) local heat production from renewable energies increased by about 16% (from 634 GWh/a to 735 GWh/a), of which the increases in production were the strongest for solar thermal with 20% (from 50 GWh/a to 60 GWh/a) and bio-mass plus bio-gas with about 18% (from 366 GWh/a to 431 GWh/a). The share of heat pumps and flat geothermal plants increased by nearly 17% (from 124 GWh/a to 145 GWh/a) from 2001 to 2015.


In 2015, roughly 59% of the total renewable heat production in the region was based on bio-mass and bio-gas. The entire regional heat production with renewable energies (735 GWh in 2015) is only about 14% lower than the entire electricity production from renewable energies (840 GWh in 2015) in the region.


[Solarthermie = solar thermal energy; Wärmepumpen, flache Geothermie = heat pumps, shallow geothermal energy; Thermalquellen, tiefe Geothermie = thermal springs, deep geothermal energy; Klärgas, Deponiegas = sewage gas, landfill gas; Biomasse, Biogas = biomass, biogas]